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Over the past few years, I’ve been travelling to user groups across the country. I’ve been to SWAG (a lot), I’ve been to LAG, I’ve been to a ton of Amiga events. But it’s always been a lot of travelling – in the west of England where I live, there really is just nothing in terms of Amiga user groups. Until quite recently, it was a good two hours drive to get to any kind of Amiga community action. SWAG is way down south. NWAG and YAG are a trek up north. RHAG in a good trek to the east. And there’s nothing at all across the border in Wales. So I resolved to do something about it.

For those of you that don’t know, my name is Ian Griffiths: I’m the Deputy Editor of Amiga Addict magazine, and that has been 110% of my spare time for the past three years. So I was a bit reticent to take on even more responsibility. But if you don’t do, you don’t get, right?

So who’s welcome at WMAG events? Well, in short, everyone! That said, we want everyone to feel safe and to enjoy their hobby – we really don’t discriminate as long as you’re an Amiga fan, and we would encourage anyone attending to take the same view. If you’ve not been to a user group before you can expect to:

  • bring your kit to share (or just come and see everyone else’s)
  • meet folks that can give you advice and help you with your machines
  • discover how other people use Amiga
  • maybe run into the odd trader now and again
  • mainly just chat with like-minded people for hours.

We’re not planning on overengineering this (mostly because we really don’t have the time!) – we’ll keep it simple and we’ll keep it fun. And we’re hoping we can block out another portion of the UK for Amiga users looking for groups.

I also want to give our other local group, Midlands Amiga Enthusiasts, a shoutout. While I was keeping quiet and planning, Andrew and also spotted the gap and decided to fill it. Their group over in Leamington Spa, had their first meeting recently and it was pretty great. Obviously there’s some overlap in our areas, but we want both groups to be a success, so we’ll be working together to make sure our meets are spaced out so if you’re in the middle, you can go to both! The more Amiga, the better 😁

The first meet of WMAG will be on Saturday 9th December (10:00 – 17:00). You can find more info on the Next Meet page, and we hope to see you there! Let’s make this a success!

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